The YouthHarbors program serves homeless, unaccompanied high school students who statistically are 87% more likely than their housed peers to drop out of high school.

YouthHarbors provides them with housing assistance, an adult support network, and individualized life skills development lessons so they can find safety in appropriate housing, graduate high school, and break the cycle of homelessness and poverty to become self-sufficient adults.

In the program’s first six years, 94% of youth have been stably housed at the end of the year, and 96% have either graduated or been on track to graduate.

YouthHarbors is a program funded solely through individual, foundation, and corporate donations, as it fills a need that is ignored by all state and federal monies and by most philanthropic efforts.  These young adults are too old for child services, and adult shelters expose them to a world that is completely developmentally inappropriate and dangerous for them.

We are grateful to our donors who help us support this program and let us continue to expand and help more youth in need.

YouthHarbors Infographic

YouthHarbors' youth are ambitious, hard-working students who are determined to complete their high school education and become productive members of society.  This is difficult, however, when they are trapped in a "survival mode" that threatens their ability to concentrate in school and depletes their energy because of worries relating to where they will spend the next night or how they will get food.

YouthHarbors works to ensure that these youth are safely housed so they can concentrate on school, and that they are given all the tools and skills they need to be able to focus on their future and achieve success.

The YouthHarbors program works because it operates with a dynamic, can-do attitude and meets youth where they are, using a wrap-around service delivery model to meet each youth's individual needs.

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 of YouthHarbors participants in our third year of operation either graduated or are on track to graduate from high school.
Sarah has been able to cut back the number of hours she works, focus on school, and graduate from high school on time.