There are 5,853 homeless high school students in Massachusetts*.  73% of homeless students will be forced to drop out of high school**, and they are at a far greater risk of falling victim to physical or sexual violence, succumbing to crime, or death.

YouthHarbors is designed to individually target and assist these vulnerable individuals by helping them locate a safe home base that allows them to stay enrolled in high school.  They then continue working with us to learn the necessary life skills to achieve their full potential and become productive, participating members of adult society.

Rediscovery’s YouthHarbors program works because it operates with a dynamic, can-do attitude and meets youth where they are, using a wrap-around service delivery model to meet each youth’s individual needs.

YouthHarbors fills a need that is ignored by all state and federal monies and by most philanthropic efforts.  These young adults are too old for child services, and adult shelters expose them to a world that is completely developmentally inappropriate and dangerous for them. YouthHarbors' youth are ambitious, hard-working students who are determined to complete their high school education and become productive members of society. This is difficult, however, because they often do not know where they will spend the next night.  YouthHarbors works to ensure that these youth have all the tools and skills they need to be able to focus on their future and achieve success.

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*According to a study done in 2000
**According to the National Network for Homeless and Runaway Youth

of YouthHarbors participants in our second year of operation either graduated or are on track to graduate from high school.
Sarah has been able to cut back the number of hours she works, focus on school, and graduate from high school on time.