The YouthHarbors Model: What We Offer

YouthHarbors begins with the identification of a high school student who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  Students are deemed eligible for the program based solely on the criteria of being unaccompanied and homeless.

YouthHarbors offers:


YouthHarbors staff works to find the student stable, long-term housing once immediate shelter needs are met.  Housing options range from housing with extended family or friends to finding an apartment with suitable roommates, but a student can occasionally be placed with a host family.

Individualized Life Skills Workshops

These workshops are individually-tailored to each student, vary widely, and can include workshops that are:

  • Career-Oriented:  Finding a job, writing a resume, or improving interview skills
  • Domestic:  Cooking food safely, maintaining an apartment, doing laundry, managing and negotiating roommate relationships
  • Academic:  Planning educational goals, connecting with academic tutors
  • Financial:  Managing a budget, paying bills on time, learning to save for the future.

Rediscovery's program offerings are constantly evolving to meet the unique needs of each homeless youth. Clients generally stay in the program for a total of 6 to 12 months, after which they are eligible for Rediscovery's alumni services.

of YouthHarbors participants in our first year of operation either graduated or are on track to graduate from high school.
John has successfully graduated from high school, works at a retirement home, owns his own scooter, has a bank account, and even sends money to relatives in need.